11 Steps To Building Your Personal Branding On Social Media

If you are in business, it also influences who or which brands you attract. Building your personal brand on social media is important and takes some work. It could open job opportunities for you or help build valuable connections. Below are 11 steps to ensure your online branding is working for you. Please also read this article for some insights Building Your Personal Brand

For a step by step guide if you are starting out or you want to rebrand an existing business go to A 7-Step Brand Development Strategy for Growth

Personal Branding

Fully Update Your Social Media Accounts.

Choose the social media accounts that you want to focus on and delete any that is no longer useful. Make sure all your information is complete and accurate, this will help build traffic to the networks you want to showcase your work and remove any content that doesn’t give positive effect to your image.

Any irrelevant content that appears o your social media accounts is a misrepresentation of your brand.

Identify Your Area of Expertise

The next big step in your personal branding is defining your specialty. Whether it is content creation, or content marketing you need to showcase what you stand for and how your followers should recognize you.

Make Posting Easy with Apps

Maintaining an online presence, busy days creating content and forgetting passwords can be time time-consuming. However there are apps like; Sprout, Buffet and Hootsuite that connect to social media networks and allow cross-post different networks reducing multiple websites logins.

Share Content On a Regular Basis

In the early days of social media one would have more followers if they posted a lot of content but times have changed. Today over-posting and sharing leads to annoyance. In order to keep your followers engaged posting 3-4 times a week is recommended. Analyze your posts and identify a pattern that works for you and if you are having trouble having content to share try searching for what is popular among users.

Create & Curate Engaging Content

When building your personal brand, originality is very important. Sharing content that you have written yourself shows your expertise within your industry. It shows you have knowledge in that field and understand the trends and how it is evolving. Creating engaging content means taking fresh approach to the types of updates you share with your networks. Occasionally Share some of your personal information and own achievements to connect with your audience but ensure you don’t overshare.

Import Your Contacts

Import your contacts from your phone book or your email into your social media networks to find out how many connections you can get. There are very many people you might already know and are using the same network as you.

Keep it Positive

Building your personal brand is like creating your resume for work. Your resume reflects your professionalism and personality. Always avoid comments that may seem offensive either in religious, racial or political in nature. If you want to voice your opinions as you wish create two accounts one for personal use and the other for professional use where you build career opportunities

Find & Join Groups

Look for groups that are linked to your specific area of expertise, In doing so you share your insights and build your brand. Choose a small, topic based group that help challenge, motivate ,keep you accountable and help you realize your goals. Don’t be afraid to have conversations in the social media groups and share insights with members.

Develop a Personal Brand Image

You will need a general image that will set you apart and make people know that it is you. This can include your logo, brand colors, social media branding kit etc.

Keep Your Brand Voice, Image & tone Consistent

You must remain consistent with your ideas and the way you present them. Using a personal branding guide you can use to determine the best tone of voice that works best for your brand.

Study Influencers

Develop relationships with influencers. Analyze their networks, posting habits and content to determine what you could do better. Connecting with influencers is a great way of making your brand known.


Creating a personal brand isn’t easy. It requires a lot of thorough research to do it. it’s all about what you stand for and what people should expect from what you have posted. Keep track on what is working and what isn’t. More about Building your Personal Brand go to A 7-Step Brand Development Strategy for Growth

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