Personal Branding Examples

5 effective personal branding examples done right

In this day and age, effective personal branding is a measure of success. This is not only in the field of branding and marketing, but in business too. A great personal Brand will attract new people and opportunities.  Here are some examples of brands that have applied personal branding effectively.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

2. Charli Marie

3. Elon Musk 

4. Nesha Woolery

5. Bill Nye

Personal Branding Definition

Businesses building themselves to brand is a common trend in recent times. Why cant individuals do the same. Actually they can. And gain the full benefits that come with branding. This is called personal branding. So what is personal branding?

Personal branding is the process or practice of marketing and representing individuals in their careers as brands. Just like branding, it is a process that involves developing and maintaining a reputation and impression to people they interact with. Personal branding views success as self packaging. This refers to the overall mental picture people create when they think of the individual.

Why do you need a personal brand/ personal branding

Branding yourself sets you apart from the crowd

A personal brand may be a good way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge a few particular subject or field.

You might be far more knowledgeable than John Doe next to you, but if someone Googles your name and John Doe’s and John is that the one with a private brand and professional online presence, he’s getting to look better than you.

Building a brand is your chance to point out your audience what you recognize and why you recognize it, and it’ll help set you aside from others who could be vying for an equivalent opportunities but who haven’t taken the time to create their personal brand

Personal Branding opens you up to more opportunities

A great personal brand will cause a mess of opportunities, including:

More business, Job interviews, B2B engagements, Networking opportunities, Promotions, Partnerships and more

A personal brand is the building blocks which will cause success for your future as a professional. It can assist you reach any number of goals, both personal and professional, and it also can cause many opportunities for advancement in your career.

Branding forges trust from your audience

When someone introduces themselves nowadays, the first thing most people do is to look for them online. Either on Facebook, Instagram or any other online media. If they find you they gain more trust of course depending on how you have branded yourself.

There is a large push nowadays to “shop small”, and influencer advertising is so successful.

People are far more likely to shop from, and hear , someone who looks, talks, and acts like them as against an big corporations.

So if you build your personal brand sort of a business, but still maintain a private front, you’re bound to inspire trust from your audience.

Personal branding tips to help improve your online presence

1: Reach out and interact

Reaching out and interacting with your audience should be your goal if you would like to be more personal. Influencing sharing, encouraging comments and feedback, asking people for his or her opinions – these are things that encounter as fan-friendly, making people feel as if they’re a neighborhood of your brand. They get to understand you.

2: Respond to your audience directly

When you directly interact you present your brand as respectful and shows the personal side of your brand.

3: Take advantage of visual content- images videos etc

Attractive images and videos act as windows and doors that attract audience to your brand from a far. They then come in and see and hear what you have to say.

4: Be transparent and show it

Know what your brand represents and surround your communication and interact with this as your base. Do not be two faced. Be transparent.

5: Add a your Blog

Another good way you’ll show a really personal side is to make a blog and link it within your network. this will be a business-based blog, but the content thereon can affect a more personal side of your dealings, like expansions, news about employees, updates, and anything that provides people a peek through the curtain.

6: Participate in the Experience

Show willingness to join and network in platforms along your line of interest. Facebook & LinkedIn have different groups. Join to permit the human element of your brand to come out. You do not need to be super active just show willingness to network. When people search for people in your field you will pop up as a related topic. It will make it easier for your relevant audience to find you.

7: Have a Solid personal brand Identity

Think about your business as an actual person speaking with one consistent voice. Make your branding consistent across platforms.

Where can i get branding services.

The first part of growing your personal brand depends on the avenues you wish to use to reach your audience. Sometimes this is determined by the nature of the content.  However, regardless whether you want to use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even a website, some things will remain constant across board. Such as your Logo and brand look.

The first thing you will need is a logo and a general personal brand look. The easiest way to get this is through Fiverr. I know there are a lot of fake 5 dollar professionals on Fiverr but that is why i picked this for you. This are proven professionals who have given me great service before when growing personal brands. Here are the best gigs on Fiverr for growing a personal Brand



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