Professional Minimalist Logo Designs in 2021

A Minimalist Logo Or Minimal Design Are Not New Concepts But Due To Their Cool Look And Attractiveness, Are A Very Popular Trend In Graphic And Digital Design.

However, many business owners do not know what a minimalist logo means or which popular brands have minimal logos.

Minimal logos are a type of logo design that represent a single fundamental concept that can be used on different backgrounds avoiding using bunches of elements such as gradients, textures and extras that can otherwise clutter the design. If you are on a budget check out

If you however wish to try a DIY Logo maker, please go to How to make a Logo in 3 simple steps

6 Best Minimalist Logo Designers


Best Overall

Our best overall pick for minimal logo design is Weperfectionist. He will design 3 flat minimalist logo designs your brand. As a top-rated seller, Weperfectionist has been able to complete over 83,000 logo designs and has been reviewed over 11,0000 times and managed to maintain a near perfect 4.9 record.

I know most of you are wondering what this means and how much you will pay. As the gig offering, there are 3 options to choose from.

minimalist logo
Minimal logo Samples

Basic Package

This package will cost 10$. You will get 3 logo options and a standard high quality mock up. This does not mean that you will get 3 different logos for 3 companies for example. It means that, you will get 3 choice logos for your business.

The logos will be delivered within 2 days but if you want 1 day express delivery you will pay an extra 10$. Unfortunately, this package only allows you to make 3 revisions which may sometimes not be enough if the design is not striking on first delivery.

The best thing about this package is that for as low as 10$ you get transparent back ground files and vector files too which most gigs do not offer at that price range.

5 Best Minimalist Logo Designs by Weperfectionist

5 Best Minimalist Logo Designs by Weperfectionist
5 Best Minimalist Logo Designs by Weperfectionist

Standard Package

The standard package comes at higher price but of course it comes with incredible goodies than the basic package. The standard package goes for $85 and with that you get 4 logo concepts, 3D mockup, a source file, vector file and you also get a social media kit.

The standard package is good for businesses and I highly recommend this package. The only downside is that it does not include stationery designs but that shouldn’t be the deal breaker.

Once you order the logos you receive them within four days but you can get the logos earlier if you are willing to pay $20 more for the same day delivery.

You also get up to 5 revisions under the standard package. That doesn’t sound bad because you won’t expect more than five revisions from a top-rated designer with tens of thousands of completed projects.

Premium Package

The premium package is what you need for maximum satisfaction because you can request for as many revisions as you want. The premium package will cost you $145 but it’s worth it.

Weperfectionist knows how valuable your time and money are and thus he designed this package to ensure that you get the best out of his services. Under the premium package you will get 5 initial logo concepts, source file,3D mockup, stationery designs, and social media kit, vector file.

The delivery of your logos will take about four days with unlimited revisions to add to that. However, you might want your logos urgently. If so, you can add $20 to get same day delivery.


Best Under $20

Minimal logo design
Minimal logo design by  Ingeniousarts

Ingeniousarts is another top rated yet affordable designer who will deliver original 3 minimal logo designs plus free source files. This seller has completed over 40000 orders and always has multiple orders in queue.

 Ingeniousarts has a great rating of 4.8 and going by the customer reviews, she does an amazing job.

How much does it get to get a minimalist logo design from this designer? This designer offers her services in three packages and it depends on your budget and needs. Below are her packages and their costs.

Basic Package

With a basic package, you get 3 logos that you can choose from for your business, a free source file and a vector file. The basic package will only cost you $10 and you are guaranteed top notch quality logos.

What if you don’t get the expected results when you receive the logos?

Indeginousarts had that in mind when designing the basic package and that is why she included four revisions under this package.

The delivery of logos under the basic package are delivered within 24 hours. This designer is great for you if you want your logos urgently.

7 Best Minimalist Logo Designs by  Ingeniousarts

Standard Package

The standard package will cost you $40. When you order for the standard package, you will get 4 HQ logos, high resolution files, vector files, Logo transparency, and a social media kit.

What I like about this designer is her number of revisions she offers. Under the standard package, she can do up to 8 revisions for you without you having to pay more. I’m sure the designer will be able to deliver stellar logos before the revisions limit gets exhausted.

The deliver of the logos under the standard package is also done within a day. This shows that the designer is pretty fast when it comes to deliveries and you can trust her with urgent orders.

design unique and modern minimalist logo 1
design unique and modern minimalist by Ingeniousarts

Premium Package

The premium package is your ultimate choice. With just $85 you get 5 initial concepts, vector files, social media cover, 3D mockup, source file, logo transparency and unlimited revisions packed up with exclusive premium support.

When you order for a minimalist logo from Indeginousarts you get the logos the same day.

Indeginousarts is a go to designer whenever you want a logo urgently because she delivers within 24 hours and it doesn’t cost you extra bucks to get the logos in the same day.

design unique and modern minimalist logo
design unique and modern minimalist logo Ingeniousarts


Thedesignaffair is a top-rated designer with a 4.9 overall rating and amazing customer reviews. The services offered under this gig come in three packages and every package has its own advantages. Let’s check out the packages.

design minimalist logo design
design minimalist logo design

Basic Package

The basic package will cost you $85. Under this package, you will get 3 logo designs with a high resolution and logo transparency. This package is great for startups that need a basic logo.

When you order for a logo from thedesignaffair you get it in 3 days and you can request for revision up to three times.

If you want your logo the same day you place your order then you will have to pay extra $35.

design minimalist logo design
design minimalist logo design

Standard Package

The standard package goes for $145. When you purchase the standard package, you get 3 original initial logos, vector file, source file, high resolution, 3D mockup, logo transparency and a social media kit.

Although the package might seem a bit pricey compared to other designers I mentioned earlier, you get unlimited revisions with no extra cost.

The delivery of the logos is done after 3 days but you can request for same day delivery if you can pay an extra fee of $65.

Premium Package

The premium package goes for $225 and it carries some incredible feature you might want. When you purchase the premium package, you get 4 HQ custom logos, source files, 3D mockup, high resolution, stationary designs, vector files and social media kit.

After placing your order and submitting your instructions, you get your logo in three days but you can get it within 24 hours if you are willing to add $85.


Listypop is a top-rated designing agency with an impressive rating of 4.9 rating yet their services are affordable. With them, you don’t have to break the bank to get a business logo because you can get one with just $15 dollars.

Just like other sellers, Listypop has three packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and needs.

Basic Package

Their basic package is simply affordable. If you are trying to set up your business identity but you’re on a tight budget, this agency will sort you out.

The package goes for $15. What’s included? With $15 you get one initial logo concept with logo transparency.

When you place your order, you will receive your logo within seven days but you can get it withing two days if you can pay $20 extra. This package only allows you to get one revision which I feel may not be great because you might need multiple revisions.

Standard Package

The standard package goes for $65. When you order under this package, you get two initial logo concepts plus high resolution.

The delivery also takes seven days but you can receive the logo earlier if you top up $25. The number of revisions is three so you can request for a revision three times.

Premium Package

I highly recommend the premium package if you want an excellent logo. The premium package is sold at $125, cheaper than most gigs offering the same package.

When you purchase the premium package, you get 3 initial logo concepts, 3D mockup, source files, logo transparency, vector file and social media cover/kit.


Alvinacreative is a level two minimalist logo designer who has maintained a clean rating of 4.9. The designer has handled over 700 orders and is currently under the Fiverr’s Choice category.

I highly recommend the designer to startups because she has passion for branding and can easily transform your ideas into a brainstorming logo.

Basic Package

Under the basic package you get one initial logo concept with high resolution for $20. The delivery of the logo is done within three days and you can only request for one revision.

If you ask me a single revision might not be okay because you might not get what you want with a single revision. If you want your logo within a day, you will have to pay extra $10.

That’s not a deal breaker though, check out the other packages.

Standard Package

Under the standard package you get a lot with $65 plus samples. The standard package gets you three initial logo concepts 2000×2000 high resolution JPEG and PNG, logo transparency, source file, and vector file.

Sadly, you won’t get mockup under the standard package but there are guaranteed unlimited revisions. You will receive your logo after two days but you can request for a faster deliver with $10 extra.

Premium Package

The premium package is your ultimate solution. The package will only cost you $85 and its crazy how you receive a service worth hundreds of dollars under the premium package.

With this package you get a 3000×3000 high resolution, 5 logo samples, vector file, 3D mockup, source file and logo transparency.

The logo can be delivered in two days. If you want the delivery to be made within one day you can pay $10 extra. Good thing about the premium package is that you can request for multiple revisions until you get a stellar logo for your business.


Romisriyoool is a top-rated seller who can create a minimalist logo for you at a friendly cost. I went through the customer reviews section and going by the reviews and the 4.9 rating you can trust this designer.

Basic Package

The basic package is $25. With your $25 you can get a one professional initial logo concept and logo transparency. The delivery of your logo will be done within 7 days but you can add an extra $25 and get it within 2 days.

Standard Package

The standard package will cost you $105. The package includes two different logo concepts, 3D mockup presentable image in JPEG, PNG and PDF.

Just like the basic package, the delivery of your minimalist logo will be done within seven days but you can reduce the number of days to two with an extra $25.

The number of revisions under the standard package is three. You might want to check out the premium package if the number of revisions seem to be few.

Premium Package

 The premium package is a great choice because it’s packed with customer care service and it goes for just $180.

When you place an order for your logo under the premium package, you’re assured exclusive services. In premium package, you get three initial logo concepts, stellar customer support, all source files, logo transparency, high resolution, 3D mockup, vector file, and social media kit.

Romisriyoool delivers your professional minimalist logo within seven days but you can part with $40 and get it within two days.

Benefits of a Minimal Logo

The main benefits of minimalist logos, is their simplicity. Simplicity ensures that the logo is captivating and memorable to your clients and everybody who looks at it.

Minimalist logos have simple colors that can be easily replaced and used to match different seasons, keeping the brand relevant across seasons.

When you view the logos on a small screen maybe mobile or tablets, they retain their impact and memorability.

Memorability and simplicity are some of the main factors that make a good logo. To understand what makes a good logo in depth, please check out my previous article. Brand Identity, All you need to know about Brand Logos

In this article I will review 5 of the best minimalist logo designers you can hire today to start your journey in creating a brand image for your business. Before we go to them however, let me first share 4 examples of popular brands that have maintained a strong brand identity using minimalist logos.

4 Popular Brands with Minimalist Logos

Now that you understand what minimal logos are and their ability to create an impact, here are some popular brands that have used this approach for their logos.


Nike is an American based multinational Brand famous the world over for manufacture and distribution of footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories.

Nike Logo

According to what we can only call internet mythology, it is said that designer Carolyn Davidson came up with the Swoosh in the logo to represent the wings of the Greek goddess of victory. Whether this is true or not is up to discussion. You can read it in Creator of Nike’s famed Swoosh remembers its conception 40 years later.

The Brand logo means different things to different people but we can all agree, it is highly captivating, simple and memorable.

The logo was designed in a font that resembles a modified version of the Futura font Family. The nearest font is Futura Condensed Extra Bold Oblique.

It is also almost impossible to ignore their awesome tagline that some times accompanies the swoosh Logo.


Uber, is an American company that offers vehicles for hire and recently food delivery, package delivery services among other services.

Their wordmark logo is a good example of a minimal logo. It is simply their name typed in a unique font family. The Uber logo uses MCKL type family.

Supreme Clothing

Supreme Clothing LOGO

Supreme clothing also uses a logotype king of minimal logo. The font used seems to be Futura Bold Italic and a great use of their brand color red makes it captivating and simple at the same time.

Apple Logo

The Apple Logo is a perfect example of a logo that has evolved over the years to be the perfect example of a sleek minimal monochrome logo.

What do you consider before hiring a logo designer?

Before you hire a freelancer or brand agency for your logo design, ask yourself the below questions.

  • How many design options will you get?
  • What time will the process take?
  • How many revisions will be available for you?
  • What do the clients say about your designer of choice?
  • What packages are offered and exactly what is the difference between each.
  • Most importantly, how much is each package. We will use this metrics to analyze the services.

Tips when designing a minimal logo design

One of the best ways you can develop a modern and cool minimalist logo is by combining a text and symbol design relevant to the brand in a clever manner.


Be careful when using gradients in creating minimal logos because gradients do not appear simple.

Start by designing your logos in greyscale before adding color to it.

do minimalist logo design 2
do minimalist logo design 2


Typography alone is a great approach when creating a logo. This calls an eye for design and a creative experienced graphic designer.

For instance, the eight logo below is basically font based and well represented.

Have 3 different versions with different levels of simplicity so that you balance between being too simple and abstract with the idea.

Negative space is an awesome way a designer can use to create interest and intrigue in a brand logo.

banner 3 od8zi4
banner 3 od8zi4


When creating minimal logos it is a great idea to create logos in different levels of simplicity.

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