Types of branding services that can help any organization

Today we will discuss 6 types of branding services that can help any organization whether a big multinational or a your start up.

There are many factors to consider when developing a brand strategy. A brand strategy is based on who you want to target , what your marketing strategy will be and what the end goal is.

Branding is more than just your company logo, the name and its color scheme. A brand typically represents who you are what your company represents. It also indicates how customers feel about your business and what their reaction is towards it. Having a good brand helps a company attract more clients because they already know what that company stands for.

If you are not effectively branding your company through social media or any other online medium, it means you are straining your marketing efforts, therefore you can seek guidance from professional  for instance a branding agency.

What is a brand agency and what do they do?

A branding agency is an established firm that specializes in creating and launching brands for companies.

– Building a brand identity from scratch
– Re branding known businesses.
– Establishing brand positioning and messaging.
– Creating a branding strategy.
– Designing company logos.
– Formulating brand guidelines for design, style and tone.

Top types of branding services that support marketing efforts

Branding agencies have different strategies that help with branding services that is, helping businesses establish, maintain and expand in numerous ways. Below are six marketing strategies that help promote businesses and give clear focus on what to offer

1. Logo designs

 A company logo is primarily the face of the organization .When it comes to logos, first impressions are very important, logos will provide your clients with helpful insight to your brand and what they need to know upfront.

Every company require different designs when it comes to logos and one should be able to establish what designs works well with their company and makes it very successful. In order to know how your targeted audience views your product, you need to test it first before launching it in the market. A good or well executed logo will support your marketing in a couple of ways such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand Identity

How a Logo supports Brand awareness and Brand identity

Brand awareness
Brand awareness is described as the level to which a brand is known by prospective customers and associated with a particular product/ service. For instance when some says “ I need a coke” you know they need a soda from the coca cola brand. Coca cola brand is the most detectable brands in the globe. It doesn’t matter in what language it is advertised in people around the world are going to identify it when they see it.
Brand awareness is important because it helps companies to stand out above their competition, build an audience more effectively, and generate more leads. A higher level of brand awareness usually equates to higher sales and also serves as an economic barrier that prevents competitors from gaining more market share.
Brand identity
Brand identity refers to the way a company communicates its products, values and image to its target market and what people feel about your product one they use it. Your product should be able to leave a lasting impression on your clients thus the brand identity.
A logo can tell a lot about your company, for instance, coca cola has been in existence for many years and their core product never changes. Many people around the world identify with the establishment due to its reliable products. Past attempts by competitors to mess with the formula have become warning tales about brand mismanagement.
One may consider using the same logo for many years to help sell the message that the product has stood the test of time and there is no need to change something that has no problem.
Branding agencies that all that into consideration and help create a logo that will not only catch someone’s eye but will help the company have a clear identity and establish business values. Logos design services help create a perfect visual representation of the company’s principles.

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2. Brand messaging

Brand messaging is ideally the art of using the right words to communicate to your target audience about your product without saying much. Your products and services may speak for themselves but using a strong and clear message is a sure way to get your product noticed by potential customers.

Brand message should explain what your company offers to its customers, your market material and your product descriptions.

Branding can be categorized in two;

Internal brand messaging
Internal  brand messaging is basically how you and your team define your product. It is done through the business’s vision, mission statement and your business values.
External brand messaging
This is messaging for the general public. It aims at uplifting businesses. These messages tend to be very informative and descriptive compared to the internal messages.

There a lot of factors that are found in brand messaging, they including:

  • Value proposition.
  • Key differentiators.
  • Brand principles.
  • Organizational culture.
  • Target audience.
  • Product positioning.

Everything your company states should have meaning, and that meaning should always mirror your brand messaging.


Look at Subway for instance, For decades, it ran a fairly popular – if unremarkable – fast-food business. Today, it’s one of the largest fast-food chain in America, representing almost 20% of the total market. A big reason for Subway’s success has been its move in messaging to attract health-conscious consumers.

Companies can get expert guidance on how to come up with the right message for their business or organization. Branding agencies can also can help adjust existing brand messages or rebrand full scale if necessary. This helps most business sell their products to potential customers.

3. Brand positioning

Brand position is how you set yourself apart from competition and leave an imprint on your target customer’s mind. When consumers think of your product they think of the benefits they get from using your product.

Brand agencies can help establish your brand by doing a market research and analysis of your business. This helps know what your target customer needs and what your business can reasonably offer in comparison to the competitors.  They also ensure your brand is simple and unique and not over emphasized.

In order for a business to be successful, one needs to match their capabilities with their customer’s expectations.

4. Brand voice

Brand voice is a way your company communicates with your target audience and how the audience perceives the message. Establishing a brand voice and sticking to it across all touch points, marketing campaigns and customer interactions is very important. Having a strong brand voice helps improve your company’s image and how your clients perceive you.

Since many companies need help establishing exactly how their brand voice should be and how to create it, they seek interventions from brand agencies. The brand agency thoroughly study the company, their culture and customer base to establish the right approach. For instance a playful conversational brand voice would not be appropriate for someone who needs financial assistance.

5. Style guide

A brand style guide refers to a set of standards that defines your company’s branding. It refers to grammar, tone, logo colors and many more.

When you successfully establish brand voice, you need to codify it so every employee and stakeholder knows how to follow your branding guidelines. That’s where a style guide comes into play.

Style guides make you think more deeply about your company’s communications and image. These guides instruct your staff members and business partners on the specific language use, specific color schemes and how to integrate them in the design layouts and establish how to best communicate with your target audience.

In line with this, the brand agencies will help design effective style guides that indicate how your business will be represented.

5. Social media branding

Social media is rapidly becoming a very powerful marketing tool. Most businesses turn to social media platform to advertise their product and target potential customers this is because having consistent branding across all social media platforms is proving to be a challenge to most companies since some platforms like twitter often land themselves to immature and playful contents.

 Business often work with branding agencies to help market their products in social media taking advantage of its implicit strengths . Branding experts have expert knowledge on what content works best on what social media platform and how it can effectively use these platforms without sacrificing the integrity of the brand.


Branding is about building customers’ trust in an organization’s products. Globalization and communication mediums are making large target audience possible and as a result, companies are investing heavily into marketing campaigns through various medium to boost.

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