10 Best android tablet for drawing in 2021

If you are wondering whether you can use an android tablet for drawing, the answer is a big YES. Today we will review Best Android Tablet For Drawing In 2021. Apart from being customizable, android tablets can perform essentially every task you throw at them.

Android tablets are not as popular as their iPad drawing tablet counterparts because in the past, there lacked enough drawing apps for android devices. Currently however, many apps have come up that match up in terms of quality to their iOS counterparts.

When it comes to dedicated drawing tablets, Wacom and Huion are the main players. However, for Android drawing tablets, i strongly recommend Samsung and Simbans brands.

In this review, we have picked the best android tablet for drawing that can help you manage your projects without any flaws. We will have both standalone android drawing tablets and those that can not work without a computer connection.

If you do not know what is a Standalone Drawing Tablet please check our detailed explanation on

10 Best Standalone Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need A Computer.

Best Android Tablet For Drawing
Best Android Tablet For Drawing

10 Best Android Tablet For Drawing

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Best Android Tablet For Drawing

There are few tablets that are good enough to rival the iPad Pro in terms of specs and efficiency. The Samsung Galaxy Tab7 is without a doubt one of those android tablets giving the iPad a run for its money.

Fast charging and long battery life up to 14 hours allows you to effectively use it as a perfect portable drawing tablet. A fully standalone drawing tablet and you can use it without a computer connection.

It’s not just about the screen alone. There are a lot of features essential for your artwork available in Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. To cut it short, this android tablet is one of the few that can compete with iPad Pro and maybe win the battle.

Samsung S Pen
Samsung S Pen

(Images credit: Samsung)

You will not go back to your wallet for the stylus pen because it comes equipped with a highly responsive Samsung S7+ Pen that is great and easy to use.

Just like the screen, this tab has a massive resolution of 2800×1752p and an aspect ratio of 16:10. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ comes with a Super AMOLED display, the best for drawing tablets because of the accurate color display. To add to this the 11.22 x 7.28 x 0.22 inches size is perfect.

It is a hard task to find a tablet with a large screen today. Keeping in mind that there are so many iPads in the market to rival android tablets.

What we love the most about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is its performance. With this android drawing tablet, you can run all your arts programs without a hitch or lag. Another plus is its superb cameras and its fast charge feature. You can also connect this tablet to wireless connections like Wi-Fi.

The price is a little high compared to other android drawing tablets but you will not regret your investment in this great device. For a few additional bucks you will get a tablet book cover and Samsung Keyboard although it is not a must.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Features

  • Display: Always-on display and120Hz refresh rate with a12.4″ Super AMOLED and 1752x2800px resolution. The aspect ratio is 16:10
  • Battery:  Fast charging with up to 14 hours battery life
  • OS/Software: Android 10
  • Dimensions: 11.22 x 7.28 x 0.22 in
  • Storage: 128 GB but you can pay a little more and get 256 or 512 GB


  • Comes with a stylus pen
  • Standalone Drawing Tablet
  • Amazing battery life with fast charging
  • Superb display
  • Superb cameras
  • Strong metallic build


  • Doesn’t have a headphone jack
  • Expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Best Value for money Drawing Tablet for Beginners

The Samsung S7+ is very good but a little expensive. If you want a great tablet with the same features for notes and drawing, then the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite is the pick for the best budget android drawing tablet.

The tablet has a sleek slim body and just like the S7+ and S6, it comes with a highly responsive pen too only that it comes with 1 nib. Fast charging and long battery life up to 14 hours allows you to effectively use it as a perfect portable drawing tablet. A fully standalone drawing tablet and you can use it without a computer connection.

A good fast charging long life battery allows up to 13 hours making it a good portable tablet for your outdoors and travel drawing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Features

  • Body: 0.28 x 6.07 x 9.63 Inches and weighs 1.54 lbs. The body is aluminum built at the back with a side aluminum frame and full glass front.
  • Display:  The resolution is 1920×1200 pixels
  • Battery:  Fast charging with up to 13 hours battery life
  • OS: Android
  • Memory: 128 GB Internal memory and 4 GB RAM
  • CPU: Exynos 9611


  • Great Price
  • Fast Charging Battery
  • Comes with S pen
  • Standalone Drawing Tablet


  • Pen comes with 1 nib

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab

Great Value drawing tablet

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab has all the incredible features that you desire your android drawing tablet to have. This tablet has a super-fast processor, ideal for multitasking and handling detailed artwork.

When it comes to the screen, this tablet has an AMOLED 10.5 inch display great for displaying vivid colors with excellent contrast. Just like the S7, it comes with the pen so no need to spend extra which is another plus for this tablet.

It is however little smaller than the S7, but a 10.5 inch screen is big enough for drawing. It does however make up for this by a better price. A fully standalone drawing tablet and you can use it without a computer connection.

One thing we can’t go without mentioning is its design. Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab has a beautiful metal design and is ultra-thin making it easy to work with it for long hours without getting tired.

What we loved the most about this tab is its battery life and the fast charge feature meaning it takes a short time for the battery to get fully charged. We also love its stylus pen. The pen is flattered on both sides and it is magnetic so you can attach it to the tablet easily.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Features

  • Body: 9.63 x 6.28 x 0.22 inches and weighs 420 g (14.82 oz). The body is aluminum built at the back with a side aluminum frame and full glass front.
  • Display: Super Amoled display with a 10.5 inches working area. This covers around 82% of the tablet. The resolution is 1600×2560 pixels
  • Battery:  Fast charging with up to 14 hours battery life
  • Memory: 128 GB Internal memory and 6 GB RAM, Plus a dedicated microSD card slot
  • OS/Software: Android 9.0 (Pie), upgradable to Android 11, One UI 3.1


  • Great display
  • Comes with a stylus pen
  • Long battery life with fast charge and wireless charge
  • Standalone Drawing Tablet


  • No headphone jack
  • Keyboard and cover bought separately

Simbans Picasso

Cheapest standalone Android drawing tablet

The Simbans Picasso is relatively cheap and affordable tablet that you can buy but still maintain a professional and great drawing experience.  

As a dedicated pen for Artists, the Simbans Picasso comes with a free pen plus a preinstalled screen protective layer so that your screen can not be scratched. The pen is unfortunately not pressure sensitive and must have a battery to run.

It comes with preinstalled Autodesk Sketchbook drawing software, but is still compatible with different drawing softwares too.

A fully standalone drawing tablet and with both a screen and a computer so you can use it without a computer. It has a great large enough 10 inch working area and decent battery life. The Simbans is a low budget drawing tablet and may not be as powerful as other top of the range android drawing tablets like the Samsung S7 or S6 lite. However, a powerful MediaTek Quad-Core Processor makes it easy to use and multitask for heavy projects with ease

 That’s not all. Simbans Picasso has a high resolution that produces crystal clear images. We love how easy it is to work from anywhere with this tablet, and you can also connect it to Wi-Fi.


  • Cheap than most drawing tablets
  • Pre applied screen protector
  • Offers flawless multitasking experience
  • Standalone Drawing Tablet
  • Free pen and Autodesk Sketchbook drawing software


  • The speaker quality is not the best
  • The stylus is battery dependent
  • The pen is not pressure sensitive

Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite

Best Samsung Drawing Tablet Alternative

Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite is a great alternative if you’re not a Samsung fan or you want to purchase an android tablet on a tight budget. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S6, Huawei Mediapad has a superb performance and high resolution (1920×1200) ideal for artwork.

The only downside about this tablet is that you will have to purchase the S pen separately. However, you won’t regret it because the pen has accurate tracking and 2048 pressure sensitivity levels offering you a great drawing experience.

Another thing we noticed is that the pressure pen sensitivity levels might not work with some apps.

The Huawei Mediapad tablet also supports fast charging and has superb battery life. To cut it all down, this tablet is great with high-end features coming at an affordable cost.


  • Affordable
  • Pen support
  • Good battery life with fast charge enabled
  • Good screen size with a great resolution


  • Some apps don’t support pen pressure sensitivity levels

Graphics Tablet M708 UGEE

The Ugee M708 is 10x 6 inches tablet, great for beginners in the field of digital art. The work area allows a wide natural fluid like movement as you draw. It has a good sensitivity range allowing you to be precise with your art and drawings. 

The Ugee M708 comes in black and white versions. The pen feels spectacular in the hand with a nice comfortable holder that comes with it. 2048 pressure levels ensure you can draw, paint or sign with a natural pencil feel.

Additionally, the one click toggle erase, makes your drawing experience seamless and efficient.

 8 user defined buttons or controls allows you to customize to your preference, maybe an erase button, zoom, back or however you want the quick navigation. The pen has a nice holder to place the pen when not in use.

It works with the latest software including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or any other drawing software you use.

The one big downside for this tablet is that it is not a standalone drawing tablet and you will need to use it with a computer or a laptop. But for the price, it is a great tablet to begin with.


  • 8 customizable buttons
  • Pressure sensitive


  • Not a standalone tablet

VANKYO Matrix Pad Tablet

Best budget android tablet

VANKYO Matrix Pad Tablet is the last in our least and it comes with the lowest price. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have great specs like the other expensive android tablets.

Starting with the display, this tablet comes with a 10.1 inch Full HD screen and 1920×1200 resolution with narrow bezels for an amazing display experience.

It’s not just about the screen, VANKYO MatrixPad Tablet has an OctaCore processor that can handle heavy art/drawing apps.

Apart from the pen, this tablet comes with a keyboard so it can double up as a laptop too.

Do you love working outdoors? Well VANKYO MatrixPad will save so much stress because it has a powerful battery (6000Mah) that can last up to 8 hours.

Another thing is the hard disk. With 64GB, there is a lot you can store. If you want a larger space, you can expand the storage to 264GB.


  • Great display size
  • Great battery life
  • Great performance
  • Full HD display


  • No pressure sensitivity on the pen
  • Old Android version

Best Android Tablet For Drawing

How to choose the best android tablets for drawing

Display/Screen Size

The first thing to consider is the display and the screen because you want enough working area. According to professional artists and graphic designers, a 10.5inch display is ideal for a drawing tablet.

However, that doesn’t mean bigger displays aren’t good. One thing to note is that a tablet with a bigger screen might not be so portable.

There are two types of tablet screens, LCD and AMOLED. Tablets with LCD screens are cheaper than those with AMOLED screens.

However, if you want a tablet with a screen that can create vivid colors then AMOLED screens are the best.

Choose a higher resolution with support on a wide range of colors.


The power of your android drawing tablet is essential. Just the way you check the processor when purchasing computers, you have to check the processor. The processor will determine how you will run the art programs. A good processor will enable you to multitask without lags.

Battery Life

If you want a tablet that will enable you to work from anywhere then you need a tablet with longer battery life. The longer the battery life the better your drawing experience.

Stylus Accuracy

For you to have a great drawing experience, you need a stylus that is accurate and smooth. Other features like pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition are also important because they enable you to produce amazing images.


Choose a tablet with a screen and stylus that is highly responsive. A high response rate will enable the stylus and screen to perform flawlessly without lags.

Final Word

Android tablets are known to be affordable and they come with great features. Choosing a perfect android drawing tablet depends on what you want the tablet to do for you. Although there are thousands of android tablets at a cheap price, avoid extremely cheap tablets.

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