10 Best Drawing Tablet Under 100$ Budget

As a follow up to our best clicked article, Best Standalone Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need A Computer today we will review the Best Drawing Tablet Under 100. Which drawing tablet will work for you, and not break your bank in the process? Do you need a standalone drawing tablet or a portable one will work just fine? What is a tablet with a screen and must I get that?

If you are wondering how you can draw on your computer and produce great vector illustrations, you have 2 main options. You can either do it with your mouse, which is difficult and time consuming if you ask me, or you can get a nice professional drawing tablet that will revolutionize not only your artwork out put speed, but also spot on quality.

Have you ever imagined the struggle you go through trying to come up with an appealing drawing using your mouse? Look at it this way, putting your time and effort into a project, then a single stroke mistakenly lands of it, then you end up erasing the whole drawing. A mouse is great but using a pen and hand makes it more natural and easier to do it.

Tough right? Yeah, that’s why we said you are lucky. I will explain this.

The main disadvantage of most of the cheap drawing tablets is that they are not fully portable or what is referred to as Standalone Drawing Tablet. So What Is A Standalone Drawing Tablet?

What is a standalone Drawing Tablet

There are 2 types of tablets you can use to draw. A tablet that does not need to be connected to a computer to draw and one that you must connect to a pc, mac or phone. The reason you must connect some to a computer is that they either lack a computer to install software or a screen to view and depend on the pc or mac computer.

A standalone drawing tablet has both a computer in it and a screen such that it is fully independent of an external computer. However, it is a little expensive compared to the others and non will fall on our price range. We have a review of Best Standalone Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need A Computer and Best Drawing Tablets with Screen in 2021 you can also check them out.

Most of the best drawing tablet under 100 will not have a screen or computer so you must connect to a PC, MAC or Android.

What Is A Standalone Tablet
What is a standalone drawing tablet

The other option does not have a computer and you must connect a pc or mac to use them. They also do not have a screen and use your Computers screen. They far much cheaper compared to their counterparts. These are the ones we will discuss in this review for Best Drawing Tablet Under 100$.

The main disadvantage will be the size and when using you sometimes will be forced to draw from your wrist instead of your elbow although their output is equally great once you get used.

Drawing tablets that dont need a computer
Stand alone drawing tablet

We know how overwhelming it can get when it comes to picking the right drawing tablet. With thousands of models in the market, of course, it gets hard to pick just one that is both budget friendly and still maintains value.

In this article, we will review the best tablets under $100 that you can buy today. Read on and pick one that fits your needs.

9 Best Drawing Tablet Under 100

best drawing tablet under 100
best drawing tablet under 100

Huion H610 Pro V2

Huion H610 Pro comes at an affordable cost, and the specifications exceed that price by far. For this price range the Huion H610 Pro the best Huion drawing tablet you can buy. The best thing we noted is its very large drawing area of 10×6.25 inches on PC mode.

The tablet also has 8 programmable keys that you can set to your convenience such as zoom and change brush size and speed up your work flow.

Huion H610 Pro is a great tablet with superb features and is easy to set up and use. The tablet comes with pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels and an active drawing area of 10 inches by 6.5 inches.

We fell in love with this Huion H610 Pro tablet because of its compatibility. The tablet works pretty well with Chromebook , Windows 7 and later versions plus Mac 10.11 and other versions. However, the tablets only works with mobile phone and tablets powered by Android 6.0 or above. iPhone and iPad are also NOT supported.


  • Large drawing area
  • Has an excellent pressure sensitivity
  • Strong and durable build
  • Worth the price
  • Features left-handed support


  • Does not support wireless connection

Wacom CTL4100WLKO Intuos

Best for all experience levels

Wacom CTL4100WLKO Intuos Drawing tablet is a small tablet ideal for small working spaces and can be used by amateurs and experts.

Wacom is a big and reliable brand when it comes to drawing tablets. They did what they do best; presenting a tablet that experts and beginners can use without any hitches.

This Wacom CTL4100WKLKO Intuos Drawing Tablet has incredible intuitive features that make navigating the tablet easy.

Another thing worth mentioning is the size and external build of this tablet, just perfect for art projects, and you can work with it anywhere. When you look at the tablet, you’ll see that the tablet has a strong build and can withstand abuse.

We aren’t going to dwell on the physical appearance. Let’s go down to the specs. This Wacom drawing tablet has a 6 by 3.7 inches active area offering enough room to work on. It also has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, making it easier for you to make thin and thick strokes and even edit your projects.

Wacom CTL4100WLKO Intuos drawing tablet also has four keys that you can customize and create your preferred shortcuts.

Another plus for this tablet is that it comes with a three-month free trial EdTech software.


  • Long-life battery (15hours when fully charged)
  • Has shortcut keys
  • The tablet has a pressure-sensitive pen with great precision 
  • The screen has a natural grip
  • The pen is battery-free, so you can start working right away when you receive your tablet
  • It comes with pre-installed software


  • The screen can get scratched after some time of use
Best Drawing Tablet Under 100
Wacom Intuios Best cheap drawing tablet


Best cheap Huion Drawing tablet

If you are on a budget, this is one of the cheapest drawing tablet. It is one of the best cheap drawing tablets you can buy. Although very small, the tablet is light since it’s made to be mobile and has buttons for ease of use.

The working area in PC Mode is 160 x 100mm and Phone Mode 62.5 x 100mm.
Driver has a flexible way to set up hotkeys in all kinds of combinations meaning you get any key or set of keys you want without the involvement of your hardware keyboard.

The pen has a rubbery grip that is comfortable to the hand with a pressure sensitivity level of 8000 .
For a left-handed user, there is a 180 angle display adjustment and you get the buttons on your left side.
The H640P also has an express button block with a hardware switch if your using it
with a laptop and don’t need the buttons.


  • PROS
  • Small and light making it mobile
  • Great pressure sensitivity
  • High LPI resolution
  • Battery-free


  • Quite small for professional use
  • A not too sandy surface which is not perfect for drawing
  • It’s quite impressive if used with a laptop and will serve you for a long time

VIEKK A15 Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet

VIEKK A15 Pro Graphics Drawing tablet is an excellent tablet with a large drawing area (10 by 6 inches) and has many specs that you can find in high-end tablets.

When you get hold of this drawing tablet, you’ll realize that it is incredibly light. We liked the ultra-thin design that allows one to hold it for long without getting tired.

The VIEKK A15 Pro tablet features Intelligent Passive Technology and has a battery-free pen that offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The pen has buttons to press to switch between eraser, pen, and even replace the mouse.

Another thing that will burst your mind is the 12 express keys enabling you to have your shortcuts at your fingertips.

VIEKK A15 is an ideal drawing tablet for artists, designers, business owners, and students too because it allows you to write, draw and even sign your documents virtually.


  • Affordable with high-end features
  • Large drawing area
  • Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Has customizable express keys
  • Easy to install drivers


  • The drivers sometimes cause hitches

VIEKK A30 V2 Drawing Tablet

If you are looking for a drawing tablet with a spacious drawing area, the VIEKK A30 Drawing tablet is one of those affordable tablets with a large drawing area. The tablet has an active drawing area of 10 by 6 inches, giving you room to draw and edit your projects easily.

The tablet also uses a battery-free pen and provides 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

VIEKK A30 has Smart Gesture Touch, and it also comes with four customizable express keys that you can program according to your needs.

VIEKK A30 drawing tablet is compatible with Mac OS 10.12 and Windows 7, and later versions when it comes to compatibility.


  • It comes with additional accessories like gloves, eight pen nibs, and 2 OTG cable
  • Good tablet for the price
  • Compatible
  • Large drawing area


  • The drivers may develop problems

Huion Inspiroy H1161

Huion is another brand that strives to bring the best drawing tablets at affordable prices. The company has done a great job by bringing an upgrade to Huion Inspiroy 1060. With this H1161, you get incredible features that were left out on its predecessor.

The Huion Inspiroy is an excellent pick if you want an alternative to Wacom Intuos because it has a substantial active drawing area of 11″ x 6.875″ (PC mode) and 109.1 x 174.6mm (phone mode).

This drawing tablet has a pen with 8k pressure sensitivity (8192 levels), and it is also lightweight to work with it for long hours.

Hion Inspiroy H1161 drawing tablet also has ten express hard keys and 16 express soft keys that make it easy for you to zoom out and in on canvas, and you can also add your favorite shortcuts.


  • Highly intuitive
  • Has both hard and soft express keys
  • Large drawing area
  • It comes with extra accessories and freebies


  • It doesn’t come with graphic software
  • Drivers are not reliable

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Drawing Tablet

And here comes another drawing tablet with a spacious working area of 10 inches×6.5 inches. XP-PEN drawing tablets are often pricey, but this time around, the brand has unveiled an affordable model that you can purchase with a budget of less than $100.

Let’s not dwell on the price. The specifications of this drawing tablet are superb for a low price. The screen of this tablet has a paper-like texture that smoothens your drawing experience because there are no lags when sketching or painting on the surface of XP-PEN.

The tablet comes with a passive pen with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels. You don’t have to worry about charging or replacing the batteries because the stylus is battery-free.

This tablet is excellent for those who want something portable because it is light and thin, hence comfortable working with.

That’s not all. XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 has eight customizable express keys that you can set to erase, zoom in/out, and even scrolling.

This drawing tablet is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.10 and above.


  • Compatible with most OS
  • Large drawing area
  • Paper-like texture drawing area enables you to sketch seamlessly
  • Ideal for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • It comes with extra accessories


    Parblo A610 PLUS Graphics Drawing Tablet

    Parblo A610 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet is a portable tablet that comes with a bunch of impressive specifications. This drawing tablet is portable, and yet it has a large drawing area of 10 inches×6inches.

    Parblo A610 drawing tablet comes with ten customizable express keys and a battery-free stylus with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels.

    Another upside of this drawing tablet is that it is compatible with most major programs you need as an artist or student. Parblo A610 also works well with Window 10/8/7 and Mac OS 10.10 and above.


    • Compatible with most programs
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Portable
    • Large drawing area


    • The buttons on the stylus pen are restricted to the mouse functions

    HUOIN H430P

    If you’re are a beginner in digital arts then the Huoin h430P is the tablet for you. Huion H420P is a great deal for beginners who are artists or into gaming, film editing, and digital signature. The first thing you’ll realize about the tablet is that it’s super light. it’s a good player tablet and the drivers are easy to set up.

    The pen is lightweight and is actually battery-free.it also has a nice actual pen grip. Pressure is great for ink albeit, at first it’s hard to set up but once it’s done its flow is very effective.

    Huion H420P Features

    • Battery-free
    • Size 12.2 by 7.62 cm
    • 4096 pen pressure
    • 5080 LPI resolution
    • 10 mm reading height
    • USB connection
    • USB 5v power supply
    • PW201 battery pen


    • It’s light 
    • Excellent drivers
    • Battery-free
    • Work perfectly with all digital soft wares


    • Its small size may be quite hard to put your hands around
    • Not that good for professional use.

    How to Choose a Cheap Drawing Tablet Under $100

    Drawing tablets have become a crucial gadget to artists. Drawing tablets add a digital touch to your artistic prowess and allow you to work fast and efficiently with fewer struggles.

    So, you have a budget of $100, and you want a tablet that will help you work away from the mouse, but you aren’t sure what exactly you want?

    drawing tablet
    drawing tablet

    This section has combined some points that you might want to consider before buying your drawing tablet.


    The size of the drawing tablet plays a crucial part because it determines the size of your working area. Pick a tablet with a large working area because it will enable you to draw without straining to fit in a tiny space.

    Pressure Sensitivity

    Pressure sensitivity allows the tablet to detect the amount of pressure when making strokes. Most tablets nowadays come with the standard pressure sensitivity of 8k levels.

    The higher the number of pressure sensitivity levels, the more the tablet allows you to distinguish the strokes you make.


    The resolution determines the LPI of the drawing tablet, and it relies on how many strokes it can detect from the pen. Choose a drawing tablet with a high resolution because it allows you to work even on the tiny details.

    Shortcut Keys

    Some tablets have shortcut keys around them, while some don’t. Buying a tablet with the control keys will save a lot of time because you’ll have your shortcuts at your fingertips.


    Some tablets come with extra accessories; thus, they reduce the stress of buying them separately. Although this is not the main thing to consider, it will save you money if you get a tablet with extra accessories like pen nibs and gloves.


    Responsiveness refers to the time needed for the strokes you’ve made to be recorded to the screen. A good tablet will display the strokes immediately, but it all goes down to the specifications.

    Your Budget

    Now that you have gone through the tablets, gone through the essential things to check out for, you have to determine how much money you’re willing to part with to purchase your ideal tablet. Don’t go for a highly cheap tablet because you want something that will work perfectly.

    Bottom Line

    You might need a break from the mouse and get yourself something that will give your hand relief. Drawing tablets save the day because they allow you to work freely. With a bunch of them in the market, you need to be careful about what you buy.

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