Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

Are you eager to start your drawing career? Well, you already know that you need a good drawing tablet before you start your journey. But which are the best drawing tablets for beginners? Everything is evolving fast, and you need to be in the trend as an artist or an upcoming artist or graphics designer.

Pen and paper is a thing of the past. Go digital by getting a great drawing tablet that will allow you to sharpen your craft and show your prowess as an artist.

We know as a beginner it might be hard to decide on what to buy. That is why we decided to pick and test different beginner-friendly tablets with you in mind. This review is entirely based on honest opinion without any bias, and it can help you decide what to buy.

We have chosen some of the best drawing tablets that you can start with. The good thing is that these tablets are affordable, and they will offer you a great drawing experience.

4 Best drawing tablets for beginners

  1. Wacom Intuos Pro Best Overall
  2. GAOMON PD1161 Graphics Tablet with Screen
  3. HUION Inspiroy H320M Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro

Best Overall

Wacom Intuos Pro takes the first seat on this list because of the high-end specification at a friendly cost. This tablet has great sensitivity, and its resolution of 5080 LPI. Wacom company is known to produce top quality drawing tablets with superb specifications.

We cannot go further without discussing the active area. This Wacom Intuos Pro Medium drawing tablet has an 8.7 by 5.8 inches active area, an ideal size for graphic designers. The active area is big enough to help you draw without any limits. Of course, this is a win for a beginner like you.

The tablet also comes with a Pro Pen 2, which has a great response, and we love how it feels when drawing. The pen doesn’t lag, and we love that it has tilt recognition.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility. This Wacom tablet is compatible with Mac and PC.


  • Ideal active area
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with a pro pen
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • The Bluetooth performance has some flaws

GAOMON PD1161 Graphics Tablet with Screen

Do you want a beginner-friendly tablet with a screen? We agree that a drawing tablet without a screen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That is why we tested both drawing tablets without displays and drawing tablets with displays.

GAOMON is another brand rising fast, and you never know it might soon outdo Wacom company as long as they keep bringing great tablets to the market.

GAOMON is an affordable tablet with an HD display and a high resolution combined with a colour gamut allowing you to view your work in realistic, vivid colours.

When it comes to compatibility, GAOMON PD1161 is compatible with Mac and Windows, and the great news is that this tablet supports almost all drawing apps.

This drawing tablet comes with a battery-free pen which you’ll love to use. We love how smooth the pen feels when drawing, and it also has tilt recognition.


  • Pros
  • HD display with high resolution
  • 8192 pressure levels
  • Compact design
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity

HUION Inspiroy H320M Drawing Tablet

HUION Inspiroy H320M drawing tablet is another great choice for beginners, and it comes in two colors, coral red and black. Both have a matte drawing surface that we love because it feels natural, just like drawing on paper.

The tablet has a simple design with six express keys and four direction keys with three express keys on both sides. The right side has a loop used to store the stylus pen with a single button on that right side which you can customize as your eraser.


  • Pros
  • It comes with a lot of express keys
  • The stylus has tilt support
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The drivers aren’t stable


Here is another great tablet that can match the Wacom drawing tablets, yet it just comes at a fraction of the price. XP-PEN has a big drawing area about 10.5 inches by 5.6 inches with a matte drawing surface.

The overall design of this drawing tablet is just simple and beautiful at the same. The tablet comes with a battery-free pen, and it has six shortcut keys that you can customize to the shortcuts you want.

The XP-PEN Deco 3 tablet is compatible with Mac and Windows, and we love how seamlessly the tablet runs all popular drawing apps like Illustrator and Photoshop.


  • Pros
  • Sleek design
  • Battery-free pen
  • Portable
  • Large drawing area
  • Affordable


  • Cons
  • The stylus doesn’t have tilt support

 Bottom Line

As a digital artist, a drawing tablet is essential because it allows you to become more creative. There are several drawing tablets available in online stores, but some might be a little bit complex if you’re starting your career. With the above list, we trust you can pick the right tablet that will allow you to explore and express your hobby.

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