Best Wacom standalone drawing tablets: Mobile Studio Pro 13 Review

Are there any Wacom Standalone Drawing Tablets that do not need to connect to a computer? Yes the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 are the 2 options you have from Wacom. This is one of the best professional level drawing tablets for both graphic designers and artists.

 Top Pick for Best Wacom standalone drawing tablets

As mentioned Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 are the two best from Wacom However we have added a similar product from their top competitor Huion, for comparison. You can check out the full review on our previous posts.

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 Drawing

Created for professional designers, this Wacom pro 13” tablet is a standalone tablet that seeks to provide users with limitless boundaries regarding unleashing their inner creativity. As a standalone tablet, it can be defined as an entire studio that packs up creative tools to provide a coherent workflow. For Wacom Mobile Studio 16 Review, check out our Wacom vs Huion comparison.

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Body and build

Wacom, they have gone all out in creating outstanding designs. This one is nothing less. Let’s discuss the body and build. It has an outside aluminum frame. it gives the tablet a cool feel and a smooth and classy finish. It also protects the internal breakage in case it falls. The downside to this, with heavy usage, it can get hot and uncomfortable to hold on your hands or lap.

It weighs slightly between 3.13 and 4.85lbs. Light enough, for your backpack, and handbag among other carriers. The outside is robust, sleek, and sturdy.

On the body side there is an sd card slot, volume up and down, audio jack, sleep button as well as three USB C ports not forgetting the pen holder. The USB c ports are a game-changer for now and the future as they can be used as transfer ports or charging ways for the battery.  

Not forgetting express keys and touch ring that is quite visible on the tablet’s face side. Easy to use and customizable to fit either of your hand’s dominance. Additionally, the size is enough and doesn’t feel cramped up. In between the two sets of buttons is the circular button. It is divided into four functions. The navigational options, the fingerprint scanner, and the windows home key. Lots of macro capabilities for a tablet, this enhances your overall productivity and creativity.

The fingerprint scanner ensures your device remains private by barring non-users from accessing your tablet.  

Take pictures through the rear camera at 8mp or switch it up and take selfies through the 5 mp megapixel camera to take that break off work. You might find this camera provides great images compared to some laptops on the market.

Display and resolution

The Wacom, active drawing area measures 13.6 x 7.6”. big enough to meet your drawing area needs. As part of the design is the crystal clear led display i.e in high resolution. The WQHD resolution measures 2560 x 1440 and has a contrast ratio of up to 800:1. 

In line with that is the 253.4cd/m2 brightness. With a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, you get to see the colors true to color from whatever angle. The display guarantees a display of colors with up to 16.7 million options. It has an awesome color accuracy, picture-perfect for users whose artworks are critical in regards to coloring. In regards to color contrast ratio is lower as the black value is ridiculously high at a value of 1.19 cd/m2. 

Let’s get to the drawing surface. It is unique as it features the newest etched glass finish. This glass finish, allows you to slide the pen effortlessly and smoothly. As if, drawing on paper. The Wacom display guarantees precise, clearer strokes. With the quick response you get with this display, you can hardly experience lags. Only in strange circumstances, while you use heavier software.

It standouts, out because of the matte glass finish on the top of its display. Matte glass is perfect for a tablet. As it does not reflect unlike the one in iPads. Additionally, it s resistant to anything that might get in between you and the display. Including fingerprint marks.

It also offers multi-touch functions as you draw.

Shortcut keys

On the left-hand side of the device is an array of buttons., neatly arranged. Easy to use and access. Additionally, they are customizable depending on users’ needs. As in some apps, one needs to modify the functions. For instance, if on desktop mode a button can be the  “TAB” button, and while in Photoshop the same button can be switched up to “SHIFT”. These keys, are responsive and give feedback as soon as you touch them. It has 11 buttons. 5 are on the rocker wheel. 

The Wacom mobile studio pro 13 buttons can be used for adjusting volume, power off, orientation change, and lock. 

Wacom Stylus Pen

First, it is sensitive, responsive, and accurate. In comparison to prior productions, it offers more pressure sensitivity- 4x more. In addition to that, it boasts of natural tilt support and minimal lags with no parallax.

Secondly, the ergonomic pen design fits in your hand perfectly. The size is perfect, for a variety of hand sizes. You will use it comfortably for longer hours as a result of the non-latex grip. 

Additionally the Pen is battery free and does not require a battery to power. It is made specifically for the Wacom mobile studio pro display by providing perfect optimization on pixel-level positioning. This allows you seamless movement on the display.  

You get the real feeling of using a pencil on paper as you use this stylus when you draw on the laminated matte screen..

pressure and tilt sensitivity

It supports up to 60 degrees tilt as well as 8192 pressure levels. These qualities make it versatile and precise in its usage and outcome.

The pen tip is natural and precise. In the beginning, it can take a while to get used to it. It works by sinking into the pen, as you mount pressure to draw. You have the ability to control exactly what the pen will draw in terms in terms of line thickness, and detailing among other drawing functions.

Unlike other pens, in this caliber, this specific pen packs numerous extra sets of tips. The pen nibs, come in handy when the original one loses its sensitivity.

Wacom packs up a pen dock with this tablet. Located at the side of the tablet. Just plug and lock within the device’s security slot. You do not risk the loss of your pen if you dock it within the secure stand. After use, store the stylus within the case cylinder. 

When compared to other pens, you’ve got to accessorize to be able to use them for longer hours. However, with the Wacom the ergonomic design includes grip the non-latex rubber that allows you to draw for long hours with little no cramp episodes.

Connectivity and compatibility

Connectivity is key when choosing a drawing tablet. Excellent connectivity is key. First, the Wacom mobile studio pro 13 is designed with 3 USB-C ports. The ports can be used to connect the device to external monitors, connecting the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 to other computers. 

Additionally, you can charge the device through the USB-C port. On the downside, it lacks a USB-A port, unlike similar devices. 

You can connect your headphones through the audio jack. And if you would love to see your photos then you can plug in your SD card, as it has an sd card reader slot. 

It also features a fingerprint sensor. Protect your device by locking and unlocking. Apart from that, is the Bluetooth. That allows the transfer of information and files to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.  

You will notice a front and back camera quite conspicuous. However, you should not expect great quality photos from these cameras. They come in handy, in case you need to attend a conference meeting or scan a document. For better quality, you need more light.

If you are not friendly with Windows 10, then this drawing tablet is not for you. As it operates on windows 10. Windows 10 predisposes, the drawing tablet to bugs and complexity in its operations.


  • Powerful and speedy
  • Matte glass finish prevents screen reflections
  • Sturdy well put external built
  • Powerful stylus
  • Features three USB-c ports 
  • The screen provides perfect viewing angles
  • Maintains its cool, even in operation over long hours.


  • The battery takes a long to charge
  • Short battery life- up to 4 hours of maximum use.

Wacom standalone drawing tablet FAQ

Does Wacom make a standalone tablet?

Yes Wacom Studio pro 13 and 16 are both standalone tablets from Wacom

Is Wacom One a standalone?

No. Most Wacom tablets are not stand alone and depend on a computer to use.

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