Brand Development Strategies

A brand can be defined as the overall perception about a product, individual or organization. The reputation your organization creates to those it interacts with. People and organizations consistently try to influence this perception or simply put how they are perceived. This effort to influence perception is called branding. The formal plan you put in place to create a particular image of your self is what is referred to as a brand strategy or brand development strategies. Growing a brand can not be done overnight. In this article you will learn 7 steps you can use to develop your brand.

To cover this clearly, we will break the process down to 3 stages.

  1. Align your brand development strategies to your business objectives or goals
  2. Development of communication tools such as logo, tagline, website, social media or a brand guideline.
  3. Strengthen your brand/ make it memorable

Brand Development Strategies – 7 brand development steps

a. Align your brand development strategies to business objectives

When you prepare the brand strategy, make close reference to your business plan or goals you want to achieve with your business. You need to clearly understand:

Understand business goals and objectives

Know your target clients – Who they are, where are they found

Research and understand your target clients – understanding their perspective and priorities then anticipate their requirements and needs.

b. Development of communication tools

4. Develop Market Positioning

Market positioning/ Brand positioning is what sets you apart from other players in your similar field or what will make a client come to you and not your competitor. This can be a few lines.

5. Develop your messaging strategy

After this, you now come up with a strategy to pass your brand positioning into messages to your target audiences. This include your clients and potential customers, potential employees, potential partners etc.

Each of this target audiences are interested in different aspects of your organization. This means that you should prepare a customized approach to your messaging strategy. Even though the core brand positioning is for all audience, it will take different approaches for different audience such that it is relevant to them. At this stage you will consider that this is where you establish brand relevance.

6. Develop brand name, tagline and logo

Your logo name and tagline are not your brand. They make up your brand identity. This are the things that help identify your brand. They will also include colors fonts and different aspects of design. You will need to hire a creative designer services to get this. You will get a branding manual or guide that will dictate the visual appeal and representation of your brand.

A page from KCA University Brand guideline

kca university

If you already have a logo, tagline etc you do not need to create a new one if you are happy with it plus it matches your brand positioning. If you do not however, you are missing an important part of your representation. Here are some freelancers on Fiverr who develop branding and brand guidelines at awesome friendly rates.

  1. I will design modern logo with brand guidelines 20$
  2. I will design attractive brand guideline, style or manual with logo – 20$
  3. I will do full brand identity designs and brand guidelines – 50$

7. Develop your content marketing strategy

This means feeding your audience the information or ideas. This content and ideas must be relevant, valuable and most of all consistent. When this ideas are published, they help to continuously grow your information database as well as audience. This section will also cover the different avenues you wish to use to move your content e.g social media, websites etc.

2 thoughts on “Brand Development Strategies”

  1. I’m a life coach and this pandemic has forced me to rethink my strategy. I need to develop a strong brand strategy and to better plan my content. Up until now I’ve been kind of winging it and I realize this is a big no-no. I’ve already planned my next three posts, can’t wait to book my first online client!

  2. I’ve been postponing starting my blog for more than four years now and finally managed to grab it. The second I grabbed it I felt amazing then started asking myself a million questions. What the hell am I about to write? Which is my target audience? How to set myself apart? I know this is figurable along the way so I don’t fret that much and gotta say, I’m doing a ton of research and couldn’t be more excited about this!

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