10 Best Geometric Drawing and Design Ideas in 2021

If you are a t-shirt seller, you do not want to sell that shirt that is pushed to the back of the wardrobe and never worn or clicked on you online store. Chances are if its design looks too normal or monotonous, it will not even leave your store because no one will buy it. In this article, I will explain Geometric Drawing as a new look for t-shirt design and how you can apply it to add a new feel to your T-shirt store.

I will l also share a few freelancers you can engage to achieve this unique designs for your merch.

What is a Geometric Drawing

The best way to explain what they are is to use examples. The first freelance is of course us. This projects that were created by Justcreativek which is the name we go by on Fiverr. The theme was geometric animal designs. Here is what we did.

Geometric Drawing Ideas
Howling Geometric Wolf
Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Geometric Shark
Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Bison Geometric Art
Geometric Drawing
Geometric Eagle
Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Geometric Horse
Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Geometric Lion
Geometric Drawing Design Ideas
Wolf Face
Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Lion Face Geometry

Application in Pattern Designs

The next seller has applied geometric patterns. They look super cool. However currently they are only applied on pillows, but i believe can be great on T-shirts too.

Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
design patterns for pillow cushion and bed linen

Application in modern logo Design

Our main Logo is another example of a great geometric drawing. In this case, the art was used as half owl drawing and a geometric wolf, completed with a triangle. Unfortunately, when starting out we were pressed on time and we did not create this. As usual however, we hired a freelancer on Fiverr to do it for us and he gave us what we wanted.

Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Justcreativedesigns modern logo

The logo was designed by Denis Maina. With over 500 jobs completed and an average 5 star rating we highly recommend him. From then he became our got to whenever we have an overload of design work. Here are more of his geometric designs for t-shirts.

In this 2 designs, the designer applies digital drawings with a touch of geometric look that makes it look so cool.

Geometric Music Poster Look

The next seller creates a poster kind of feel with the deign. As always, we only put proven pros with a lot of reviews on our articles but when creating this review the seller was yet to make any sales so we were a little skeptical about her professionalism. We loved the sample on the gig so we made a test order to gauge the professionalism. We gave her a straight 5 star.

In this one the design is clean and classy like would be in a music poster. It shows a lot of potential in the variety and kinds of design that can be created.


Geometric Drawing And Design Ideas
Geometric Graphic T-shirts

Geometric Dispersion Effect

In the next design we apply Geometric dispersion effect combined with a digital art drawing. Check out Justcreativek on Fiverr.

Geometric Drawing
Geometric Drawing

Geometric Designs and Color

The samples look great but we have not worked with this seller before.

draw geometric mandala tattoo zentangle jigsaw puzzle design 1
draw geometric mandala tattoo zentangle jigsaw puzzle design 1

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