How to grow your Ecommerce T-shirt Store and boost sales

Finally, after a very different kind of year the holidays are here. It is time to grow your Ecommerce T-shirt and merchandize store. I have compiled a strategy you can implement on How To Grow Your Ecommerce T-Shirt Store And Boost Sales. Our main goal is to sell more of our products through this season and scale up your business.

What you will learn here you can apply all year round for your business, dividing each year to periods of targeted products based on different things maybe weather seasons e.g. Summer, winter or Fall collections.  At the end of this article I will share a store that has successfully applied this strategy for all year round products.

If you sell on print on demand sites like merch by amazon, tee spring, teepublic etc., you can skip the first step.

Steps by step guide How To Grow Your Ecommerce T-Shirt Store And Boost Sales

  • STEP 1: Free your store from SEO issues
  • STEP 2: Research Your Products
  • STEP 3: Product Development
  • STEP 4: Product Marketing
  • STEP 5: Business Scaling

STEP 1: Fix SEO issues

If they cant see you, they can not buy from you.

Before you do anything you need to verify that your store is free from any SEO issues that may affect your content and products from being seen by potential clients. Most of the creation and advertising of content and products with poor SEO on your site will be more or less useless because most of what you do will not be seen if your site has SEO issues that keep it from ranking. For my websites I have used some awesome 10 to 30$ dollar services on Fiverr that have analyzed, detected the errors and cleared them. The best thing is that this will be done in less than 24 hours on most of them. Here are a few recommendations.  

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STEP 2: Research your products

If you do not know what they want, you will sell what they do not want.

Now that your websites SEO is fixed and visible on search engines, we can now start developing the products. The biggest challenge on selling graphic tshirts, is to know which designs appeal and sell and the ones that do not. The designs you might think are popular and will sell sometimes do not. Starting from knowing what is selling working backwards solves this. For this reason, market research is necessary. We need to clearly understand the season and which designs sells most in our field, in this season. You can go through my trick process below, but if you are held up, you can hire any this highly rated pro researchers to do it for you.

This is how I do it.

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  1. Go to and type in your keywords in the search Bar. For instance, I want to create Christmas Themed T-shirts. Try to think of the period of the year you intend to target and create a campaign for, plus main social things that happen during this period. For my Christmas themed designs, I chose this keywords:  Christmas t-shirt designs, Santa t-shirt designs
  • Look for designs that have 5 star ratings and have at least 300 reviews. The rating is shown under every product. This tells you that the designs are popular, liked and relevant
  • Take a screenshot as per your required keywords

Results of my sample research

Christmas t-shirts designs: I chose these popular designs. Notice the designs in 3 and 5 are similar but not same.  And both have made sales. So that is a clear example of the strategy in action.

STEP 3: Product Development

Cook up what I already like

Now you have a very clear idea of the designs that attract clients and are popular. This rules counting on luck or personal opinion to know what is will sell and not. You rely on facts and proven artworks and follow a success path, already followed by the sellers from your screenshots. Now you need to develop similar designs but need a pro so that you do not fall prey to copyright issues. Look for a good t-shirt designer on Fiverr and use your screenshots as references to your vision. Please make sure that designs are not replicated but are only used as references for a new look. Here are some great designers I recommend for this.


 graphic t shirt design
create attractive graphic t shirt design within 24 hours 2 1

STEP 4: Product Marketing

Tell me what you have

Now you have your products ready and you have posted them in your store.  The world needs to know about your new products and your cool t-shirt designs for the season. What better way than using social media. You can use any to market your products but I highly recommend Instagram. Sponsored posts are great but personally I prefer hiring a proven professional to do it for me. A quick tip however, do not rely on the DMs that will come after the marketing, make your store link visible on your Instagram profile so that people will see your profile click link and immediately be directed to your store or print on demand shop and buy.

STEP 5: Business Scaling


Now that you have tested the strategy in this season and period of the year, you can divide up your year and create products based on this. For instance, you can add hoodies and Crewneck sweatshirts for winter months. You can have theme based year periods such as a Halloween collection. I hope I am making sense. If you would like any further clarification or personalized explanation, just comment below and I will reach out.

Here is the Store: SZNDCOLLECTIONS

Just a recap of the steps

Steps by step guide How To Grow Your Ecommerce T-Shirt Store

  • STEP 1: Free your store from SEO issues
  • STEP 2: Research Your Products
  • STEP 3: Product Development
  • STEP 4: Product Marketing
  • STEP 5: Business Scaling

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