How to make a Logo in 3 simple steps

There are a number of ways you can make a logo design or get a logo for your growing business. We will create a logo for Studio Recording Gear as an example. We will use Fiverr Logo Maker. We will then hire a 5$ logo designer on Fiverr and in the next article i will explain the experience and we will compare the results. You will have a chance to vote too.

Before we start please check out our previous article: What is the Cost for Logo Design

Step 1
First, enter information about your business.

Are you in the gaming or fashion industry? Help the site learn about your business, your industry, and your services so that you can get the right industry relevant Logo for your brand.

Step 2
Next, define your look & feel

Your logo should reflect your brand’s story at a glance. Share your style preferences and brand values to help us create a memorable logo for your brand. For our example, i will put music and audio services as our category. I want the logo to include a music element so i will type guitar, drums and Cassette.

I want it to have a modern feel but i will leave the rest as default then click make logo.

Step 3
Now, let the site do the rest

The site instantly generates logo designs that fit your business and style, based on a wide selection of logo designs made by talented designers on Fiverr. Here are the options i got.

The list was endless. I checked out a few but liked the 3rd one so i clicked on it and instantly was presented with mock ups for the logo and 2 more versions of the Logo.

Cost of the Logo

The site presented 2 packages a basic and a Premium Package.

The basic package only had one Logo with a transparent background in 3 versions. A black and white logo version, A Transparent Logo and the original one in white back ground. I Loved the Advanced mostly because it offered vector files and the social media kit. The social media kit has different web banners for Etsy, Facebook, Linked in, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

Step 4
Want to add your personal touch?

I tried out editing a couple of others i liked and it was super easy. No need to be a designer. Change colors, layout, and fonts was a walk on a simple-to-use editing tool i also noticed an option to request the designer of your logo to customize it for you which i thought was great.

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