How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC

Today I will show you How you can use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC. Most iPads are standalone drawing tablets and do not need a computer connection to use. However, maybe you do not have the software installed in your iPad and want to use the one on your PC.

What are standalone drawing tablets

As the name suggests, they are tablets that have their own screen and computer so you do not need a PC or Mac connection to use. Please check out for a detailed explanation Best Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need A Computer.

For many artists and Graphic designers, a tablet has become a handy tool for drawing and design work. I find myself choosing the iPad version of Adobe Illustrator as a drawing tool, because of the comfort and ease of use. The apple pencil mimics a real pencil as if you were creating a hand drawn illustration.

For MAC users How to use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for MAC

The best thing about this process is that you will be using your computers speed and not your iPad which is most likely relatively slow.

To link your PC version of Adobe Illustrator and use it on your tablet, here is what you require.


  1. Best Computer for Graphic Design
  2. iPad with apple pencil support
  3. USB C-Cable
  4. Adobe Illustrator Software or any other you want Installed on PC.
  5. Easy Canvas


More iPads with Apple Pencil Support

Reliable Cables

How to start Drawing on iPad

  • Install Easy Canvas on your iPad and Pc
  • Stat up the App on Windows PC
  • Connect USB Cable
  • Open the app on your iPad
How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC 03
How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC 03

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