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Best Android Tablets for Drawing
Best Android Tablets for Drawing

Best Android Tablets for Drawing

Standalone Drawing Tablet
Standalone Drawing Tablet

Best Standalone Drawing Tablet

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How Curve Text in illustrator

How to Curve Text in illustrator

In this article, I will show you how to curve text in illustrator. You can apply the tips in this article to create logos, t-shirt designs, or any other

How to make a shape in illustrator

How to make a shape

The basic knowledge of How to make a shape in illustrator, and fill it with color or outline builds a good base to start off learning the software.

How to zoom out in illustrator

How to zoom out in illustrator

When working with Adobe Illustrator, there is always more than 1 way to perform most tasks. In this article, I will show you

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Denis Maina
Denis Maina

Hello, my name is Denis Maina, a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist. I have been creating Graphics and Digital Art for the past 10 years and have a wide experience in the field. Read More

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I have used various software over the years in my journey but Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop remain my favorites. I am passionate about creating new creative concepts and most recently training the next generation of Graphic Designers and artists.


“Very responsive and professional. Asked great questions and offered real solutions. Always reliable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. From start to finish in under one day when we were under a deadline. Appreciated the high-quality work for a great cost. Beat the deadline easily with his help!”James

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