What is the Cost for Logo Design

You have grown your business, and now want to take it to the next level. A logo design and some branding is a good direction to set you apart and make sure people identify who is giving them this great service. However, what is the cost for logo design and where can you get it done?

There is no standard answer to this question but if we were to give ranges it can be divided to 3. Budget, Midrange and High-end. An entrepreneur has the chance to choose what best works for their organization both in terms of needs and budget.

There are a number of factors that help determine the cost of a Logo. However, ultimately what you want and who you choose to work with will both determine what you get and how much you spend. There are also no preset international standard rates.

What Is The Cost For Logo Design when on a Budget

This ranges from 0$ to 250$. Yes you can get a logo design for free. For this category, you will work with, DIY Logos and Logo Makers. In the next article, i will share my experience using a DIY logo maker to develop a Logo for Studio Recording Gear.


DIY and Logo Makers 0$ to 80$

Logo makers you can check out include:

There are also no preset international standard rates for Logo Design. Logo Design on a Budget. This will range anywhere between 0 and 80$. You will need to sign up on the websites, enter your information and they will autogenerate a logo for you. Under this category, I highly recommend Fiverr Logo Maker. Here is why.

DIY and logo makers are recommended for extremely budget oriented businesses that are pressed on time or are cool with generic Designs.


  • You only pay when you get what you want
  • Saves time
  • Relatively cheap
  • You see samples of your logo on products before you buy


  • Less customizable compared to a freelancer
  • Most Designs are generic

Mid Range Logo Design

This is recommended for businesses who are design survey and understand the importance of good and professional branding. The range of people you can work with is diverse Under this category, depending on what you want. Prices range from $5 to 800$.

Mid Range Freelancers 5$ to 800$

I highly recommend Fiverr because you get to vet your chosen Freelancer before you work with them. The platform also offers a chance for you to check previous samples and portfolio and you can make an informed judgement whether the chosen freelancer fits for your requirement.

Another great feature is the chance to see what previous clients say about the logo designers in the review section.

The mid range level eliminates the need for DIY’s because the rate runs from as low as $5 to $800. Even if you are on a low budget, there is still something for you.

But what is the difference between 5$ and 800$ logo design services? We will discuss this in the next section so keep watching.

Some businesses know what they want or particular style they would want their logo done and only need a designer to bring it to life.

To find freelancers, just click here and you will get a wide range. You can conduct your freelancer search based on the type of logo you would like, the budget you have set and get only freelancers specialized in specific kinds of logos. I will show you in the next video how to filter your search and get a freelancer.

For instance, you may be want a minimalist logo. You can type in the search bar and you will get a list of specialist minimalist logo freelancers.

You will get experienced services and branding advice that a DIY logo maker may not provide. As an entrepreneur you also want to spend your time doing the Core business of your organization, you do not need to do everything. By now you understand the importance of delegation for your growing Brand.

High-End Logo Design Pricing

The needs of a business and a big corporation when it comes to branding differs a lot. This results to a 3rd category or range. Corporations and big organizations are served by Branding Agencies. This is because, their Logo design and branding process can only be handled by a team and it is almost impossible for by an individual alone.

The main reason for this is that, Branding for a corporation requires extensive research and only a qualified team can handle this. The price range for this ones will vary from $500 to $1,000,000+. Click the link to see some branding agency designers on Fiverr and check out some of their designs.

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